Who We Serve: Commercial Real Estate

Who We Serve: CRE

Deploying commercial battery storage in Canada and the USA

With the average commercial space using 14.6 kWh per square foot, we understand the unique challenges that energy managers, sustainability managers, property managers, and portfolio managers face. Electricity is one of the highest operational costs and sources of emissions. In the US, commercial buildings account for 35% of electricity use, contributing greatly to our reliance on dirty sources of power generation. 

We help mid-to-large-scale buildings deploy commercial battery storage to drive competitiveness, mitigate emissions, and improve the bottom line.  

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Commercial Battery Storage

There are a host of benefits commercial real estate leaders can tap into when deploying battery energy storage systems. Implementing solutions that are good for the environment can also be good for business.

Green Building Certifications

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is the most widely used green building certification currently in place. This certification covers all building types and phases, including new construction, interior fit-outs, operations and maintenance, and core and shell.

Many renewable energy and battery systems can contribute to a better LEED score or other green building accreditations

Tenant Attraction and Retention

With buildings being one of the leading sources of greenhouse gas emissions, tenants are demanding that their commercial spaces be sustainable to aid with their corporate decarbonization goals.

Many gold-standard tenants won’t even consider a lease unless the building meets their sustainability standards.

Energy Solutions for Commercial Real Estate

We deploy, operate, and optimize battery storage, grid-interactive buildings, and electric vehicles using a single software platform for customers and partners to pursue net zero goals, cut operating expenses, and unlock new revenue opportunities. 

Peak Synergy Software

An integrated energy management software to unlock the value of your assets and support your financial and environmental goals and initiatives.

Energy Storage Development

We provide turn-key solutions for businesses looking to install and deploy distributed energy assets. From financing to project management, we’ve got you covered.

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At Peak Power, our world-class founding and executive teams bring deep experience across energy, engineering, software, and real estate to push the envelope of what distributed energy resources can do in the built environment.

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Aggregating DERs for Demand

What can be achieved when buildings, batteries, and electric vehicles work together?

 In 2020, we orchestrated 8 buildings, 4 batteries, and 12 electric vehicles to respond to a peak electricity demand event in Toronto. In a single 4-hour period, we generated over $10,500 in revenue from energy markets incentives and reduced load by over 1 MW.


Toronto, Ontario

Load reduction:

1 MW

Revenue generated:

$10,500 in 4 hours

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“No issue ranks higher than climate change on our clients’ lists of priorities. They ask us about it nearly every day.”

–Larry Fink

CEO, BlackRock

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