Who We Serve: Energy Storage Developers

Who We Serve: ESS Developers

Energy storage optimization with Peak Synergy

Peak forecasting represents one of the most lucrative flexibility revenue streams in the northeastern corridor of North America. While traditional renewable assets such as solar and wind have been easy to deploy since their revenue sources have been fixed power purchase agreements (PPA), emerging DERs chasing multiple revenue streams require software solutions for optimal performance. 

This is where Peak Power comes in. We’re one of the leading energy storage optimization software providers and specialize in forecasting, aggregation, and operation. In a world of complex market structures, think of our solutions as the translation software you need to maximize IRR. Our software allows for seamless integration and automation of large DER portfolios.

When we partner with developers, we focus on creating win-win-win opportunities. 

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Discover the Benefits of Energy Storage Optimization with Peak Power

At Peak Power, we’re big enough to perform but small enough to care. We believe that implementing solutions that are good for the grid and the environment are also good for business.

Maximize Return on Assets

Every energy market differs in structure and incentives, and there could be as many as seven different value streams to chase. By integrating Peak Power’s software capabilities, energy storage developers like you can maximize the return on assets (ROA) for your deployed energy storage.

Unlock Added Value for Customers

We offer DER Developers a more holistic platform driving value across multiple DER types. Our software helps you and your customers achieve IRR goals without you having to worry about managing competing value streams. We do all this while considering the environmental performance that host sites are looking to achieve.

Solutions for Energy Storage Developers

We deploy, operate, and optimize battery storage, grid-interactive buildings, and electric vehicles using a single software platform for customers and partners to pursue net zero goals, cut operating expenses, and unlock new revenue opportunities. 

Peak Synergy Software

An integrated energy management software to unlock the value of your assets and support your financial and environmental goals and initiatives.

Energy Storage Development

We provide turn-key solutions for businesses looking to install and deploy distributed energy assets. From financing to project management, we’ve got you covered.

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Project Highlight

Our leaders bring together executive expertise from the energy, real estate, and software industries to push the envelope of what DERs can do in the built environment.


Asset Operations in ISO-NE & PJM

Peak Power is providing asset operations software solutions to DeLorean Power. This includes a combination of solutions for discharging the batteries during system peaks and wholesale market participation for frequency regulation. Peak Power is creating value streams with attractive returns for developers and their customers.




DeLorean Power

Chu official DOE portrait

“As the saying goes, ‘the Stone Age did not end because we ran out of stones; we transitioned to better solutions.’ The same opportunity lies before us with energy efficiency and clean energy”

–Steven Chu

Former US Secretary of Energy

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