Transform your building into an active grid participant

Our Synergy platform uses Machine Learning to analyze and interpret large volumes of building and energy data. We forecast building and electric asset behavior and predict spikes in energy market prices and demand. This information helps you take control of energy use and manage distributed energy resources, reducing costs and even creating new revenue streams.

Our platform analyzes real-time and historical data, including:

  • Utility data such as regional pricing, system & feeder level loads, and historical peaks.
  • Building data such as indoor air temperature, occupancy rates and equipment sub-metering.
  • Asset data such as battery performance and EV resource availability.
  • Meteorological data such as temperature, humidity, pressure, precipitation and cloud cover.

Future-proof your building

Peak Power’s software platform enables a wide range of energy solutions that can be used independently or collectively. You can reduce your environmental footprint and achieve immediate cost savings, while also preparing your building to participate in the dynamic and distributed energy grids of the future.

Building Optimization

Take action to optimize, shift or reduce energy use with Insight™ which monitors loads, which monitors loads on your building systems and tells you how to respond.

Building Optimization

Energy Storage

Optimize the operation of battery energy storage systems to reduce energy costs and create new revenue streams from your commercial or industrial building assets.

Energy Storage

Vehicle-Grid Integration

Use EVs as dynamic storage assets, charging and discharging them strategically to provide energy to your building, or simply avoid charging during periods of peak demand.

Vehicle Grid Integration

Solutions for today, a vision for tomorrow

Real estate leaders are transforming building portfolios into revenue-generating resources as EV adoption increases and distributed energy resources like batteries replace centralized grid assets. Peak Power is connecting the dots between these changing industries to transform our future grid system.

Learn More About Our Vision

Customized solutions based on regional tariff structures

Every regional system operator has a unique approach to managing their energy markets, and each local utility has their own specific tariff structures depending on the facility type, size and location. Recognizing this, Peak develops customized solutions specific to your facilities requirements. We use a modular approach with algorithms for all the key factors that affect energy markets, such as coincident peak prediction, demand charge capping, demand response and more. We then we stack all of the applicable revenue streams and utilize local sensor and weather data to develop a unique solution designed to make the most money for your specific application.