Transform your building into a distributed grid asset

Energy costs are rising. At the same time, these costs are more variable than often presumed. They provide opportunities to either help or hurt your bottom line.  Large commercial buildings can now be equipped with connected energy storage solutions transforming them into distributed grid assets. This approach cuts your energy costs and creates new revenue streams by helping  balance supply and demand on the grid.

Peak Power is offering financing for new battery storage projects in Massachusetts.
We’re looking to partner with energy storage developers to identify host sites. 

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Take control of your energy costs

Our energy storage software uses inputs from electricity markets to maximize value for asset owners. When a battery can communicate directly with the building and the grid, it can create additional cost savings and revenue streams for commercial and industrial energy users. Peak Power’s Synergy software does just that—optimizing how a battery energy storage system operates by charging and discharging at the most profitable moments.

Building battery

Optimize your battery energy storage system

Peak Power’s Synergy-enabled energy storage solutions deliver benefits to a wide range of stakeholders in the smart cities of tomorrow.

Building owners

  • Increase your building’s value with immediate energy savings and longer term revenue opportunities
  • Reduce GHG emissions and carbon footprint
  • Cost-effectively earn LEED or BOMA BEST points

Solar + storage developers

  • Add value to any solar site
  • Tap into regional incentives and tax credits for solar+storage
  • Increase ROI from solar+storage projects with advanced forecasting and optimization


  • Defer or eliminate infrastructure upgrades
  • Increase grid resiliency and flexibility
  • Boost renewable penetration by balancing supply and demand

Start saving now with flexibility to add other technologies later

Peak Insight helps you reduce building energy costs with AI-generated notifications and alerts tailored for your facility. It also gives you the flexibly integrate distributed energy resources (DERS), including energy storage solutions, solar panels, and intelligent EV charging stations, over time to boost your savings or create additional revenue in the future. And the fully customizable UI allows you to easily visualize and report on building conditions and earned savings.

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