We’re changing the way people think about EVs

More building owners are installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations as an amenity for their tenants; however, if those vehicles charge during moments of peak demand, it can lead to high unexpected increases in energy costs. With Peak’s forecasting and analytics, you can use smart charging to manage demand costs or, better yet, to create new revenue streams by performing like traditional energy storage batteries, discharging during peak use periods to actually reduce demand.

Enter the EV era with Peak Drive

Peak Drive aims to be one of the world’s largest Transactive Energy pilot projects. Peak has received over $7M in Federal funding and partnered with some of the largest stakeholders in energy, mobility and real estate including Ontario’s Independent Electric System Operator, Nissan, and Dream Unlimited to demonstrate the capabilities of allowing electric vehicles to provide grid services through Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology.

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Bi-directional electric vehicles

Bringing the future of EVs to drivers

We’re working with Hydro One to install two-way chargers in program participants’ homes, testing the ability to provide safe and reliable back-up electricity using simulated power outages. In addition to our software turning EV owners’ cars into reliable sources of backup power, we’re also giving them a way to provide power back to the grid, making these drivers an even bigger part of the clean energy solution. 

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Make EVs work for drivers, buildings, and utilities

Peak Insight enables "smart charging" by integrating with a building’s charging stations and forecasting load profiles and moments of high demand to ensure use at the most cost-effective times.

  • Avoid escalating peak demand charges for building energy use with smart charging.
  • Reduce building energy costs and create new revenue streams while you future-proof your site to work in concert with an evolving grid system.
  • Deliver revenue to drivers by leveraging their EVs as active grid resources, reducing their overall cost of ownership.
  • Provide load-shifting to improve resiliency, deliver detailed insights to EV resources and increase electricity sales to your utility.

Adopt a platform that gives you benefits today
and options for tomorrow

Peak Power helps building operators optimize the energy consumption of their building assets by coordinating specific, recommended reductions in energy use to times of peak energy demand. Building optimization powered by Peak Insight can significantly reduce energy costs today, while giving you the option to easily integrate resources like batteries and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at a later date.

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