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Battery energy storage is redefining the grid of the future

When it comes to business, sustainability is paramount – fiscal and environmental. The healthier your balance sheet, the more flexibility you’ll have to pursue environmental initiatives.

It’s why our energy storage solutions are designed to positively impact your bottom line.

Whether you already have sited energy storage or you’re looking to get started, our conversations always begin with economic feasibility. We look at your site, analyze your electricity bills, build your value stack, and determine if battery energy storage makes sense for you.

We’re not selling, we’re unlocking opportunity.

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Project Development Solutions

Distributed energy resources are all the buzz right now – and for a good reason. They’re a cornerstone technology for building a resilient, decentralized, decarbonized grid that can respond to the energy needs of the future.

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Battery Operation Solutions

Building energy optimization and battery storage operation is simple with our flagship software, Peak Synergy. Peak Synergy can help your business archive net zero goals and reduce operating expenses.

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Multiple Battery Storage Project

In 2018, Peak Power worked with GHP Office Realty to develop a battery storage project consisting of 4 energy storage units in 4 separate commercial buildings.

Through a shared savings agreement, GHP now relies on Peak Power’s Synergy software to reduce ICAP and demand charges during peak demand events. We’re also able to manage revenue-generating capabilities of the energy storage solution by participating in state-wide and utility-level demand response programs.


Westchester, New York


GHP Realty

Energy cost savings:

$495,742 cumulative

Total size:

1,334 kW / 5,336 kWh

We're Helping Energy and Sustainability Managers

economic value

Pursue environmental goals and reduce Scope 2 emissions

Operating Expenses

Reduce operating expenses and manage peak demand charges


Unlock economic value from facilities and storage assets

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Energy markets are complex.
We help make them profitable.

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