Understanding C&I Building Energy Demand (and How to Cut Energy Costs)

In today’s world, building energy management and sustainability have become top priorities for facility managers, energy managers, process engineers, and sustainability managers.      To achieve cost and emission reductions, it’s crucial to gain a deep understanding of your facility’s energy demand curve and profile. By doing so, you can identify opportunities for cost savings and […]

The Advantages of Virtual Power Plants for Industrial Facilities

Virtual Power Plants

From growing populations to extreme heat waves, the current power system works overtime to meet ever-increasing energy demand. If we want to keep up, we need to look at new ways of building out energy infrastructure, including more intelligent use of energy resources. Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) are an alternative to relying on gas or […]

Webinar Recap: Battery Energy Storage Operations and Control

Peak Power Team Battery Storage System Operations

At Peak Power, we are passionate about deploying cutting-edge battery storage technology and driving the sustainable energy revolution. In this blog post, we summarize our battery energy storage operations webinar, exploring the operating and control methodologies that can help your business profitably pursue net zero.     Understanding the Operation and Control of Battery Energy […]

Driving Canada’s Energy Revolution: Powering Canada Forward

Canadian Energy Policy - Powering Canada Forward

In a meaningful step towards a sustainable future, Canada’s Energy and Natural Resources Minister, Jonathan Wilkinson, recently unveiled a plan named “Powering Canada Forward.” This comprehensive strategy charts a course for achieving a net zero electricity grid throughout Canada by 2035 — a pivotal element for our country to achieve a fully net zero economy […]

A How-To on Battery Energy Storage Project Development

Battery energy storage project development downtown Toronto

The transition to a clean and sustainable energy future is a pressing concern in today’s world. One solution to reach that sustainable energy future is deploying, operating, and optimizing distributed energy resources, like battery storage and electric vehicles. This was the focus of Peak Power’s Battery Development webinar, where industry experts shared their insights and […]

Financing Options and Strategies for Battery Energy Storage Systems

financing energy storage systems

Recently, Peak Power conducted an energy storage finance webinar that focused on strategies available for financing battery energy storage system projects. The webinar aimed to provide valuable insights into financing options and strategies for these projects.   In this article, we will unpack some of the main points covered during the webinar, highlighting key quotes […]

World Meteorological Day: An Interview with our Senior Meteorologist

World Meteorological Day John M Peak Power

Each year on March 23rd, World Meteorological Day takes place to commemorate the Convention establishing the World Meteorological Organization, which happened in 1950. World Meteorological Day recognizes the contribution of meteorology and hydrology to the safety and development of society.   This year’s theme, The Future of Weather, Climate, and Water Across Generations, is a […]

Virtual Power Plants vs. Distributed Energy Resource Aggregation

Peak Power Blog Image

The clean energy transition is well underway, and one thing that’s become certain as we inch toward a net zero future is that economies will inevitably become increasingly electrified. What is unclear is whether or not this future will be dominated by Distributed Energy Resource Aggregation (DERA), decentralized electricity resources interconnected with the grid, or […]

Federal Tax Incentives for Energy Storage Systems: IRA Spotlight

Renewable Energy - Climate Change

The summer season is officially behind us. It was yet another record-breaking year for heat waves across the globe, putting unprecedented strain on electrical grids and increasing pressure on modern economies that rely on a stable supply of electricity. But, we see signs of hope on the horizon with the expansion of federal tax incentives […]