Battery Innovation in Kearny Mesa

Battery Innovation in Kearny Mesa

Innovation Project, Commercial Project, Energy Storage


The battery system is located behind the manufacturing site’s retail meter with San Diego & Gas Electric. The battery system operates for time-of-use rate shifting, demand charge reduction, and demand response.  The site is also equipped with a CAISO meter and RIG, to operate as a flexible reliability resource for the California grid.

The Project was partially funded through the State’s Self Generation Incentive Program. Diamond Generating LLC’s affiliate company, Boston Energy Trading & Marketing, is the scheduling coordinator for the Project.


Mitsubishi / Diamond Generating LLC


San Diego, California


Q1 2019

Capacity Size

1MW / 4MWh

Creating Innovative Solutions in California

The Solar Turbines industrial manufacturing site in California was looking to showcase the benefits of its own ESS technology on its own site. They chose Peak Power for our innovation track record and our software capability to operate assets for multiple value streams.

This was one of the first sites in North America to have the battery storage system physically located on the customer site and connected behind-the-meter while being able to access wholesale energy markets. This enabled the asset to provide ancillary services that typically would only be eligible for front-of-the-meter projects.

Each day our software predicts which value streams to optimize for in order to maximize value and achieve the client’s goals.


The Flexibility of Peak Synergy

Peak Power’s flagship software, Peak Synergy, was used to operate and optimize the energy storage system for front-of-the-meter and behind-the-meter applications – what we’ve coined internally as through-the-meter.  This application of our software in our 4th ISO region in North America was a commercially viable demonstration of the flexibility of our software across electricity markets.

This project has validated a new energy storage business model that relies on Peak Power’s advanced forecasting and optimization technologies.


Energy Savings


Lifetime savings

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“DGC has been excited to work with Peak and has a high expectation with Peak’s software and overall capabilities. We were looking for the best solution to maximize the value of our energy storage asset in California.”

Yuichiro Matsui
Assistant Director
Diamond Generating Corporation

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