Reduce energy costs

Peak Insight is an IoT based advanced energy dashboard. Our Human-Centric approach to AI gives your building operators the tools to reduce energy costs based on specific notifications and alerts tailored to your building. Insight is quick to install, compatible with all buildings regardless of any existing management system, and gives you the option to integrate resources like batteries and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at a later date.

Easily respond to changes in energy demand and pricing

Insight's three key components work together to deliver energy-saving recommendations to building operations managers. Internet-connected (IoT) sensors monitor building data, including building occupancy rates and loads on mechanical equipment, while AI-powered analytics integrate this information with multiple, additional data sources to forecast peaks in demand. An easy-to-use mobile app or desktop portal delivers customized, data-driven recommendations for optimizing and reducing energy consumption at peak times, helping generate the most savings.

User interface

A fully customizable portal and mobile app for actionable notifications on the go.


Provides building load forecasts and AI-generated recommendations.

IoT sensors

Collect and transmit real-time data regarding building systems, comfort and occupancy.

Maintain control of your building systems

Insight is simple to install, non-invasive energy management solution that helps building operators quickly make decisions to optimize energy use.

  • Make data-driven decisions to optimize building energy use with user-friendly dashboard, customizable graphs and reports in the Peak Insight™ app or portal
  • Save $10k-$40k on regulatory reporting requirements with Peak Insight™ reports, in addition to energy cost savings
  • Realize building conservation (kWh) energy reduction and demand (kW) reductions
  • Implement for a single building or in multi-building configurations
  • Get points and simplify reporting for green building programs such as Energy Star, BOMA Best, WELL, and LEED
  • Easily integrate distributed energy resources (DERS), including energy storage solutions, solar panels, and EVs now or in the future
  • Establish a command centre for visibility, reporting and performance benchmarking across all sites in your building portfolio

Maintain healthy building conditions

With the Insight app, you can remotely monitor building conditions, equipment and occupancy. Get automatic alerts when indoor humidity falls below 40%, an environmental condition that makes occupants more vulnerable to viral respiratory infections, or when CO2 levels exceed 800 ppm indicating that there is not enough fresh air for the number of people in the building. Manage the return of tenants to workspaces by tracking occupancy rates and density.

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Enable smart charging for EVs

Electric vehicles can be a revenue boon or bust for your building. As you add more electric charging stations, you run the risk of drivers using them during moments of peak demand and subsequently increasing your demand charges by thousands of dollars. Peak Insight™ enables "smart charging" by integrating with your charging stations and ensuring they are being used at the most cost-effective times.

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