Peak Insight transforms buildings of any age into healthy, sustainable, and efficient smart buildings.

Our solution puts building performance on one simple dashboard. Building Managers get visibility, prescriptions, and reports on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. Improve your building's performance with three modules that can be used separately or together.

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Indoor Air Quality

Welcome tenants back to a safe, healthy office. Get full visibility of indoor air quality and alerts if it dips below safe levels. Take action to meet WELL and/or ASHRAE standards.

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Energy Cost Savings

Take control of electricity usage and costs. Drive revenue from the most expensive energy use hours of the year. Optimize your seasonal and everyday consumption.

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Put the environment on your balance sheet. Reduce environmental impact without compromising tenant comfort. Generate custom reports to track and deliver on sustainability goals.

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Attract and Retain Tenants

Optimize indoor air quality to create peace of mind for everyone in the building.

Grow Your Bottom Line

Reduce operational costs and protect your equipment for greater Net Operating Income.

Enhance Your Reputation

Create an environmental roadmap and earn accreditations that authenticate your company’s commitments.

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Connect Every Building in Your Portfolio

Peak Insight integrates seamlessly with automatic building systems. For buildings without automation, Peak Power installs non-invasive sensors to capture data. Access full visibility of building and portfolio performance on a computer, tablet, or phone.

Manage Your Building From Anywhere

Peak Insight provides actionable insights for building optimization. Our virtual platform empowers you to:

  • See detailed performance and get alerted to potential issues
  • Plan improvements informed by machine-learning recommendations
  • Act on recommendations by setting up automations or making manual adjustments
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Track and Report Your Successes

Peak Insight’s team works with you to develop goals for your portfolio. Our reporting function makes communication to stakeholders easy.

How can Peak Insight work for you?

Peak Insight is secure, scalable, and intelligent building optimization platform. Tell us about your portfolio, and we'll show you how to make it Smart.

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