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Battery Energy Management Solutions

Battery storage optimization to maximize asset value

With energy management services and software from Peak Power, your battery can build both economic and environmental value through intelligent charging and energy dispatch. We’ve proven this with projects across Canada and the United States.

Peak Power makes it easy. We integrate software with existing battery assets and remotely operate them to maximize value. Our Peak Synergy software operates your battery to provide energy services back to the grid, generating savings and opening up passive income streams.

Reduce Operating Costs with Battery Energy Storage

Energy costs keep on rising, and they’re projected to rise further. Meanwhile, clean energy technology prices are going down. With the economics moving in this direction and more jurisdictions opening their energy markets, there are big opportunities for owners and operators of commercial and industrial facilities.

Energy storage can improve your bottom line, empowering you to sell energy back to the grid while slashing electricity costs.

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Intelligent Charging and Discharging to Maximize Value

It’s not enough to have battery energy storage systems; they must be proactively managed and optimized to produce the biggest impact. 

Peak Synergy software uses signals from electricity markets paired with the expertise of our team to tap into the best value streams to meet your goals. 

Energy Management Services and Advanced Forecasting

Peak Power processes large amounts of high-quality data, validated by our team of experienced data scientists and asset operators.  

This drives our forecasting expertise around supply, demand, and pricing to evaluate the state of the market and operate your battery accordingly.

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We’ll Take the Load Off

Reduced Costs

Make energy markets work for
you by reducing demand charges and tapping available incentives.

Reliability Services

Ride-through capabilities to make existing electricity infrastructure stronger and avoid costly upgrades.

Environmental Impact

Reduce your facility’s Scope 2 emissions and the grid’s reliance on fossil fuels.

We Remove the Hurdle of Capital Costs

We offer financing under a shared-savings model for new battery storage projects that
generate energy market revenue. We’re actively looking to partner with C&I facilities in Ontario,
Massachusetts, New York State, and California to deploy capital.

The Word from Our Customers


“BGIS views Peak Power and its proprietary software as a leader in the emerging energy storage market and is impressed at its understanding of the needs and requirements of the North American electricity sector.”

Take Part in the Decentralized Energy Revolution

Together we’re enabling distributed energy resources in the built environment to tackle climate change and the rising costs of energy.

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