What's going on at Peak Power?

Our projects are delivering savings to customers that are using our Insight, energy storage, and vehicle-grid integration solutions across North America. See the latest news about our projects, funding updates, technology, and people.

Peak Power Named to Inaugural Foresight 50 List

Peak Power has been named to the Foresight 50, a list which recognizes Canada’s most investable cleantech ventures! Chosen from among 200+ nominations, we’re pleased to see this recognition of our hard work and potential.

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Peak Power Wins the First Canadian Proptech Innovation Award

Proptech Collective

Peak Power is the recipient of the inaugural 2021 Canadian Proptech Innovation Award. The award recognizes Canadian startups that are driving technological innovation in the real estate sector. We're honoured to have our cleantech software that makes commercial buildings part of the climate change solution recognized by the largest community of proptech companies in Canad

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Podcast: The Climate Conversation: Can Cities Save Our Planet?

RBC Disruptors Podcast

Cities didn’t get the attention they needed at COP26. We’re on course to add 2.5 billion people to our cities by 2050. How can they get climate ready? Check out our latest Climate Conversation, from RBC Disruptors, with Jennifer Keesmaat and Brent Toderian. Technology companies featured in the episode include SWTCH Energy, Peak Power, and Nexii Building Solutions.

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Coupling Buildings & Energy to Further Canada’s Climate Change Goals

Proptech Collective

In collaboration with Proptech Collective, the Collective for Advancement of Connected Buildings (CACB) is launching the Climate Change in Canada webinar series focused on identifying pathways to expedite Canada’s transition to Net Zero by coupling power, building and transportation decarbonization at a building/community level. This session will explore the relationship between energy, GHG reductions, and the building segment.

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Peak Power Energy & Drive – Signature Electric

A world-class project in grid innovation is taking place underground, beneath the streets of Toronto. Launched in two underground garages, Peak Power’s new vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology is just the kind of future-forward thinking that could revolutionize the green energy

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The Impact of Buildings on Air Quality and Climate Change

Buildings are responsible for a great deal of greenhouse gas emissions. Our customers taught us that there is a balancing act for building managers and owners to achieve sustainability without compromising occupant comfort and safety. With this balancing act in mind, we developed a solution to help.

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Podcast: How can we deliberately build inclusive teams?

Founder Vision Podcast

How can we tackle big, challenging energy issues? By attracting a diverse, passionate team and putting that passion to use. Imran Noorani and his team at Peak Power are taking on the ambitious project of making the climate polluters part of the climate solution in a revenue-positive way.

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Building Owners are in a “Green Sandwich”

Commercial real estate owners are being pressured by investors and tenants to take measurable action towards the threat of climate change. Many believe the danger of climate change is mitigated by performing ESG reporting.

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An Optimistic Earth Day Policy Roundup

There is a lot to feel optimistic about on Earth Day 2021. Governments around the world have made concrete commitments to improve their environmental – and social – impact. Here are some of Peak's favourites.

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Breakthrough Energy Solutions Canada Finalists

Government of Canada

Peak Power was one of 22 finalists at The Breakthrough Energy Solutions Canada Forum 2020 on January 14, 2020. Peak Power's project in Toronto to develop vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and transactive energy capabilities has been listed as a finalist for NRCan's Breakthrough Energy Solutions Canada Challenge.

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Plugging in to the benefits of energy storage

The REMI Network IS

Are on-site batteries the next "green ticket" for bulk-metered building owners? Starlight Investments, a privately held Canadian real estate asset management company with more than 36,000 multi-residential units across North America. In August, Starlight announced it had partnered with Peak Power Inc., an energy storage service provider, to install up to 2350kW / 4700kWh of energy storage systems. Used to target Ontario peak demand charges at Bloor Islington Place in Toronto, the behind-the-meter battery systems reached commercial operation earlier this year and are on their way to generating a projected electricity bill savings up to 15 per cent.

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Report from Canada: Peak Power

Forbes Japan

Peak Power Inc. CEO Derek Lim Soo, former GE engineer, started his company to provide software service to optimize electric power consumption during the peak hours and save power with the AI technology. David Thomson, a Canadian media magnate, has invested in and assists in finding users of its service. Initially Soo worked at MaRS as a start-up mentor and started up his own venture company.

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Canadian energy-storage startups get global traction

The Globe and Mail

Energy storage is critical for the growth of renewables because, simply put, the wind doesn't blow all the time and the sun doesn't always shine. Something unexpected is happening in India. Utilities that used to sign 25-year contracts to purchase coal-based electricity are beginning to get nervous. They're still buying the dirty power. The difference now is that they won't get locked into a contract longer than 10 years, believing that energy storage combined with inexpensive solar and wind power will soon become more economical than the coal-fired equivalent.

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Expert panel discusses the future of the energy workforce

Ryerson Center for Urban Energy

Is the utility sector prepared to serve increasingly demanding customers, survive the age of competition and address technological change? This was the driving question of the MaRS Discovery District’s (MaRSDD), Future of Work: Building the New Energy Workforce panel, held June 23 at the MaRSDD auditorium.

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Peak Power partners with BGIS to target booming energy storage market in North America

Peak Power announced a partnership agreement with BGIS, Canada's leading real estate management services provider, to offer energy storage services to their clients to help them reduce their electricity costs. Battery energy storage, when controlled through Peak Power's proprietary SynergyTM intelligent software platform, has the ability to provide multiple benefits to building owners including increased resiliency, improved environmental performance, electricity bill savings, as well as additional revenues from participation in utility programs.

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Investments made in Ontario will lead to cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technologies


Ontarians will benefit from new jobs created by innovations that power electric vehicles and reduce plastics in the environment, thanks to a $15.5-million investment by the Government of Canada. This investment in six Toronto-area companies will create well-paying middle-class jobs as a result of the new business opportunities generated by the development of technologies that lead to less pollution and healthier communities.

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