Kruger Energy Partners With Peak Power

Kruger Energy Partners With Peak Power

Kruger Energy Partners With Peak Power

Kruger Energy Partners With Peak Power to Optimize Operation Of Energy Storage Projects in New York State

WESTCHESTER, NEW YORK, February, 27, 2020 – Kruger Energy Inc. and Peak Power today announced the successful commissioning of three behind-the-meter energy storage systems in New York State as part of a strategic partnership to expand into the New York distributed generation market, and explore business models in the electrification of trucking and industrial sectors. Supported by Peak Power’s SYNERGYTM software, the three customer-sited storage systems total 1.0 MW for an electrical capacity of 4.2 MWh, which makes them one of the largest behind-the-meter virtual power plant (VPP) in the State. The systems are located at commercial facilities owned by GHP Realty (GHP), a leading property manager in the State of New York.

The VPP will participate in the Con Edison Demand Management Program and is designed to perform load displacement for office buildings, reduce utility costs related to capacity obligations and delivery charges, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as enable other market revenue streams such as Con Edison Demand Response and NYISO ICAP for GHP.

‘‘We are very excited to enter the New York energy storage market,” said Jean Roy, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Kruger Energy. “With several energy storage projects under way in Canada and the U.S., we needed the very best optimization software on the market to offer our customers the most innovative and cost-efficient solution, which is why we partnered with Peak Power.”

“We are delighted to be working with Kruger Energy and GHP on delivering these projects and supporting New York State’s goal of 3,000 MW of energy storage by 2030,” said Derek Lim Soo, Chief Executive Officer at Peak Power.

About Kruger Energy

Kruger Energy is a business unit of Kruger Inc. and specializes in the development and management of renewable energy power plants. Kruger Energy manages and operates 42 production sites across North America, ranging from hydroelectric, wind, solar, energy storage, and biomass cogeneration plants, with a total installed capacity of 542 MW.  (


About Peak Power

Peak Power Inc. provides smart software and technology solutions for the modern energy market. Through their intelligent Peak SynergyTM platform, Peak Power provides developers with a financeable, simple, and high-performance solution to enable energy storage and renewable plus storage projects. (

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