Development Solutions: Financial Modelling

Financial Modelling

Take advantage of incentives, and commercial and industrial demand response programs.

We’ll help you take advantage of all the value stacks available for your energy storage and distributed energy assets, including commercial and industrial demand response.
With broad industry expertise and in-house market operations and project development teams, customers can trust us to design the best battery projects by conducting feasibility assessments and financial modelling for their sites.

Financial Modelling

From incentives and value stack design to payback and ROI analysis, our energy experts know how to evaluate and model the entire lifecycle of a distributed energy storage project. Plus, our industry-leading partnerships assist us in deploying capital to increase your project IRR. 

New York Battery energy storage system uses Artificial Intelligence..

Capital and Operating Cost Forecasting

Our software processes billions of data points each day. This gives our customers a unique advantage to leverage our proprietary data to optimize operating methodologies and cost forecasting.  

Value Stacking

We’re experts in stacking competing value streams to maximize economic benefits while preserving the health of your assets. We do so much more than just coincident peak forecasting. 

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We’ll Take the Load Off

Risk Mitigation

Avoid unnecessary sunk costs and stay laser-focused on energy storage ROI.

Energy Expertise

Tap into our broad range of technical, regulatory, and market experience.

Detailed Analysis

Detailed analysis of risks, rewards, capacity, and payback.

We Remove the Hurdle of Capital Costs

We offer financing under a shared-savings model for new battery storage projects that generate energy market revenue. We’re actively looking to partner with commercial and industrial sites in Ontario, Massachusetts, New York State, and California to deploy capital.

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“BGIS views Peak Power and its proprietary software as a leader in the emerging energy
storage market and is impressed at its understanding of the needs and requirements of the North American electricity sector.”

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We’re a globally-recognized cleantech enabling distributed energy resources in the built environment to tackle climate change and the rising costs of energy.

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