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Financing and Shared Savings Agreements

C&I energy storage and DERs development

We’ve proven our expertise in deploying and optimizing energy storage projects to help commercial and industrial facilities position their business to take advantage of changing energy markets. This access to capital for Peak Power’s customers and partners will provide an even greater number of sites with the technology, capital, and expertise they require to maintain profitability, pursue net zero goals, and support overall grid resiliency.    

We’ve leveraged innovation grant funding, government loan programs, and financing partnerships for C&I energy storage and DERs development.  

Deal Design

Our team at Peak Power takes a holistic view of distributed energy and battery storage in commercial and industrial facilities. We can help with the entire structure of a project and help you to choose the right model. Whether you’re exploring third-party ownership versus self-financing, seeking shared savings, or looking to leverage multiple value streams, we can help. 

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Shared Savings

Peak Power’s shared savings model offers facilities a no-cost solution to install energy storage. Flexible capital is also available to energy storage developers partnered with Peak Power to accelerate the deployment of optimized energy storage assets at scale. Paired with our industry-leading optimization software, shared savings offers a pathway for customers and partners to reach their climate and energy ambitions, without having to sacrifice the bottom line. 

By opting in to this model, customers share in a portion of savings our software can generate. 

Leading Financing Partners

Our industry-leading partnerships provide our customers with a source of capital to develop distributed energy resources at scale.  If you’re looking for financed solutions, talk to us today. 

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We’ll Take the Load Off

Mitigate the Risks

Save energy costs, generate revenue, and tap into lucrative incentives without having to bear the financial risk.

Energy AI

We are moving into an increasingly electrified and AI-enabled future.  We’ll help you realize the benefits of both,. 

Future Proof

Energy storage positions your building to interact with, and benefit from, changing energy markets and utility structures

Reap the Rewards. Avoid the Risks.

We can offer financing under a shared-savings model for new battery storage projects that
generate energy market revenue. We’re actively looking to partner with sites in Ontario,
Massachusetts, New York State, and California to deploy capital.

The Word from Our Customers


“BGIS views Peak Power and its proprietary software as a leader in the emerging energy storage market and is impressed at its understanding of the needs and requirements of the North American electricity sector.”

Take Part in the Decentralized Energy Revolution

Together we’re enabling distributed energy resources in the built environment to tackle climate change and the rising costs of energy.

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